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ProFold and CADKEY are back together again!

    Create your flat patterns in seconds! Kubotek USA has re-introduced CADKEY 19 Wireframe. Together with ProFold, you have the best sheet metal unfolding capability in the world. And you won't believe the price!
    CADKEY 19 is a great, easy to use 3d CAD program with a tremendous ability to import many different CAD file formats. ProFold then transforms your 3d sheet metal models into accurate flat patterns.
    Your bend information is saved into a table for easy access. Simply specify the material thickness and bend data you want to use. ProFold develops the flat and correctly compensates all of the punched holes.

ProFab Lite V3.5

ProFab Lite V3.5
Now Only $1,995*

* Post processor (additional charge) is required for your specific machine.

Flat pattern Development

    ProFold has earned a reputation in the PC CAD market as the most powerful flat pattern development program available. ProFold simplifies the unfolding process. Fully integrated with AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, KeyCreator, and CADKEY under Windows 2000 and Windows XP, ProFold saves hours of manual calculations while eliminating errors. Even the most complex parts can be unfolded in seconds. Whether you design your own parts or receive CAD files from your customers, ProFold will increase the accuracy of your flat patterns while reducing the time required to calculate and draw them. See for yourself just how easy it is to use ProFold by downloading the 30-day trial and the Demo and Training guide.

Sheet Metal CAM System

    ProFab automatically creates and optimizes tool paths for CNC turret punch presses and laser cutting machines using a library of your tools. A post processor tailored to your machine creates the CNC program. We are so confident that ProFab will dramatically increase your programming efficiency and productivity, we offer a full money-back guarantee. You can try it for yourself obligation-free for 30 days. Click here to find out about our live ProFab demonstrations.